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Meet our Crew

 The SSYD company is created by a group of sailing enthusiasts from Europe who have traversed seas and oceans for many years. Thousands of sailed miles – on small yachts, touristic and sport vessels, sea cruisers, and tall ships – have given us the experience and knowledge necessary to guarantee safe yacht deliveries wherever and whenever you need it.

Capt. Mucha

Tall Ships Captain

Mucha is our experienced captain and a very good comrade for a long stressful cruises. Knowledge, skills and humour create a great, cheerful man. 

Capt. Alexandra

Tall Ships Captain

Alexandra, for one month every year, sails on a cruise with blind people as a non-for-profit captain. She likes to take part in single-handed yacht races. 

Victor 'Vicia'

Skipper / Support

Victor is our support skipper. He is a very responsible, calm man with a great sense of humour and really good sailing skills.



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Capt. Marek 'Python'

Skipper / Logistics

The head of all our actions and services. Marek takes care of all legal and logistic aspects of yacht deliveries and other cruises. He provides plans, weather forecasts and all other important information for our crew 24/7.

Capt. Andrew

Tall Ships Captain

When he says he will be in Lisbon next Friday, he will come Lisbon in that exact day. He is always on time, sails with respect for the boat and weather.


Skipper / Cook

When sailing the ocean for many weeks you have to eat healthy. You can count on Oscar – a clever skipper and best cook onboard.


Office / Accountant

Our great accountant and a truly amazing woman. She cares about all the numbers we get and give. 🙂

Victor 'Chudy'

Skipper / Event Manager

Our young skipper Victor is responsible for all corporate events on both motor and sail boats. He is also a rescuer and sailing instructor.


Skipper / Support

Andrew was born it mountains, so he is absolutely frost resistant, never complains, always helpful. The best man for cruises and transfers on arctic waters.

Wojtek ('Voytek')

Skipper / Event Manager

Voytek works with Chudy on our touristic and team building cruises and corporate events. Together they create a truly amazing team.


Support / Photographer

Margaret helps us during northern passages and documents our work everywhere where there is such need. 

About the Company

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