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Sailing Tuition & Mile Building Cruises

We offer individual sailing lessons, as well as group courses. 
If you already have skills and look for a way to upgrade your sailing experience – feel welcome to join us on our mile building cruises.

Individual Lessons

If you want to learn sailing or improve your skills in the most comfortable way – individual lessons are perfect for you!

We offer individual sailing lessons on our sailboats, while delivering your boats or on a rented boat, in any place in Europe – on easier and harder cruises. We create each offer individually, for both short (few days) and long (two weeks) cruises – on sail- and motor boats.

Sailing for Groups

Our Group sailing courses are perfect option for friends or company teams who want learn how to sail together.

We teach small or bigger groups (from 3 to 20) how to manage motor boats, sailboats and tall ships. Our group courses can take place in one chosen marina or on different routes during SSYD tuition cruises. We create individual offer for each group.

Mile Building

If you already have skills and look for a way to upgrade your sailing experience – feel welcome to join our mile building cruises.

We organise mile building sailing cruises everywhere around the world, almost all year long – for both groups and individual clients. Leave us a message with your questions and phrase “SSYD Mile Building” in a tittle for more information.

Test your skills safely.

Our tuition cruises are planned individually, depending on our clients – their decisions, knowledge, aspirations and sailing skills. Thanks to this, we organise safe sailing cruises on both difficult and easier waters, taking into account the current expectations, plans and even the state of health of our clients.

Choose direction

It’s very important to choose proper direction for individual and group tuition cruises – too easy or too hard weather conditions may cause disappointments and worse learning results.

Here are some examples of directions our clients often choose. If you do not see a place where you would like to learn or improve your sailing skills among them – that doesn’t mean that we don’t organise tuition cruises there. Tell us where you want to sail.


warm, nice and easy, perfect for learning the basics of sailing.


beautiful weather and nature, great place for nice, smooth sailing.


warm, nice and easy, perfect for learning the basics of sailing.


Warm, high waves, moderate difficulty, amazing culture.

British Isles

quite cold, challenging, great for ambitious, advanced sailors.


cold, wild, rocky, challenging, but also amazingly beautiful. 

Baltic Sea

moderate weather, great place to learn sailing on tall ships.


We organise lessons and mile building cruises anywhere you want.

Match a Tutor

To provide sailing tuition at the highest possible level, we match our clients with the appropriate tutors.

The level of current sailing knowledge of our clients, the type of skills to gain and the choice of a vessel affect our decision of which tutor to send to the course. It can be a job for inland skipper or tall ships captain. Older or younger person – depends on the type of sailing tuition and kind of clients.

Types of vessels

Small Sailboats

Mostly sailboats designed for inland and coastal waters.

Large Sailboats

Larger vessels created for offshore and oceanic sailing.

Motor Boats

Small motor boats for both inland and offshore cruises.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships – for example STS Pogoria or SY Zawisza Czarny.

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