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Yacht Delivery Process


Your Inquiry

Let us know what kind of vessel you need to deliver and when. You will get our answer within 48 hours.


Fair Contract

The contract is fair and simple, and it clarifies the price, responsibility, payment terms(…). No hidden costs.

Delivery Plan

In 24 hours to a few weeks (It depends on the contract), we prepare a safe and effective transfer.


Yacht Delivery

Preceded by technical inspection and repairs (pre-delivery process). Our crew delivers your vessel safely.



The vessel is being cleaned and checked. Full report and post-delivery survey are prepared.

Seven Seas is a sailor's company working for sailors.  We know what to do, and how to secure your boat to deliver her without scratches. By making contact with a professional yacht delivery company you expect the best service and warranty to get your boat where and when you want. Yes, it cost more than hiring freelancers or scouts but ... you like your yacht, right? 🙂

1. Pre-delivery

When your crew reaches the vessel, before starting the passage, they spend at least 24 hours at checking the boat technically and preparing it for the delivery. It's our standard procedure covering both short and long yacht transfers. The check includes a comprehensive checklist of functions of all equipment and parts of the vessel - from radio and motor to mast and rigging. All problems and vulnerabilities are reported to the client. More severe damages that cannot be easily repaired during a cruise need to be fixed before setting out.

The pre-delivery may be a consuming time process but very worthwhile to ensure that the yacht delivery will be safe for both vessel and crew.


2. During delivery

When sailing, the yacht is being checked by our crew following good seamanship: sunset, sunrise and daytime rigging checks, etc. We also often do small repairs on a vessel. Among others, our team uses their own sheets and sleeping bags - they are careful not to damage the vessel in any way. Navigation is conducted as required, i.e. not just with a plotter, but also printed charts and a logbook. Our satellite monitoring (live GPS localisation) gives the owner the exact position of the yacht every 30 minutes. These data can be displayed in a dedicated application on computer or phone. That way, our client can quickly check where his/her vessel is during the time of the whole passage.


3. Post-delivery

After delivery, we will check the yacht carefully and prepare photographic documentation. On this basis, we draw up a report for the owner to identify places and systems that require special attention. These can be, for example, ropes that will need to be replaced soon, a deck that needs to be sealed or constructions that should be reinforced and secured. At the client's request, we rent a local cleaning company, so that a nice and clean yacht can be prepared ready to welcome its owner. We also often arrange a note from the transfer of the vessel - the receiving person certifies the equipment and condition of the boat.


4. Customs and Clearance

We are familiar with Customs and Clearance procedures as well as with obtaining the correct paperwork when required. Our company is experienced in moving yachts from one country to another. It is very important to go through these procedures correctly so that you can avoid many future problems.

It's essential to know what is allowed and what's forbidden. We can also help with matters related to changing the flag. National regulations apply, and they are very diverse. Also, under one flag, your commercial vessel will require completely different documents than the pleasure boat.


5. Insurance

All our captains are have an additional insurance called Pantaenius Skipper Third Party Liability. It means that, as skippers, they are personally liable, to the extent of their assets, for all damages they cause to third parties through the use of another’s yacht. Check out the Pantaenius.de site to learn more.

Please note - boat insurance is always the most important one. Any losses will be covered first from this insurance, according to International Law. Our clients often ask us if they could use only their insurance. The answer is: 'No, they cannot'. What's also important is that only the owner can ensure the vessel and it's forbidden to buy few insurances for the same object. The skipper can purchase extra protection which will be treated as an extension for the leading boat's insurance.


Better check it first

Regardless of whether you bought a new boat straight from the factory or bought a used yacht and want to transport it to yourself - we know how to go about it. In both cases, you don't know much about your new vessel yet. Used yachts may have hidden flaws, and if you have not used the surveyor's assistance, you have to be aware of the fact that you will probably have to do some additional repairs or equipment replacement. Therefore, before setting off, we will ask you for the most accurate data possible. We will check what has not been checked and what has been checked many times. Before leaving the marina, all the key systems for navigation and safety must be checked as operational.


While buying a new yacht

In the case of new vessels - many of our clients are surprised of how often new yachts require corrections after the first two days of testing on the water. Poorly twisted parts go loosen, badly matched parts crackle, carelessly glued fragments diverge... Therefore, it is crucial to spend a minimum of two days on the water during reception and test the vessel on waves and wind. That's the best moment to make any comments to the dealer and ask for all necessary fixes.

One of a good examples is that the new yacht has a new engine which requires a review after about 100mh (one hundred moto hours). In such cases, we arrange an engine service along the way, among all order necessary services described in the warranty card. Very often we organize a contact between our client and a proper company. The owner sets the details and payment, then our crew transports the vessel at the arranged place and help in a service operations.


Our skippers and crew

Our skippers deliver yachts from any location to a destination of your choice. Among us are many captains with over 40 years of sailing on seas and oceans. We sail on many different types of yachts – small sail and motor boats, touristic vessels, sport and luxury yachts, catamarans or even tall ships.

Depending on the vessel size and complexity, on yacht deliveries we supply a minimum of 2 crew and 3 or more crew on longer, trans-ocean passages.

1. Skipper: RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean or Offshore qualified. Assessed and interviewed by a senior skipper before selection.
2. 1st Mate: RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore qualified and thoroughly vetted to work as 1st Mate, normally after several passages as a deckhand.
3. Deckhands: Frequently RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore qualified or RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal qualified.


Dedicated crew for tall ship deliveries

Please note that we are also Tall Ships Captains and Mates. Tall ship deliveries require especially experienced people. There is no room for 'learning on the way' here.


Be a part of your yacht delivery crew!

Many of our customers ask if they can join us on the passage. Of course. We invite our clients to join our crew on the whole delivery route or on any selected stage of it. Our crew always try to convey their knowledge so that the owner can handle his vessel better, more confidently and safer. If there is such a wish, we also allow our clients to invite guests for calmer yacht delivery cruises. Let us just remember that the captain is always right and decisive when executing orders.


Every delivery is different. That is why our contracts are based on the requirements and expectations of individual customers.



What does the price of delivery include?

Usually we pay for regular delivery expenses, such like: skipper's, mate's and deckhand's salary, fuel, water, food, port fees, customs and clearance fees, canal’s fee, bad weather stops, repair stops up to one day, pre-delivery survey, post-delivery cleaning, air tickets, on-land travel to your vessel and back from final destination, charts with latest updates (if not on board), nautical almanacs, post-delivery technical report, etc.


Who pays for fuel?

We have two main kinds of agreement here. We can include fuel in the price of the service. Then we assume in advance how much fuel we will need. The second model obliges the owner to return the amount of money for the fuel purchased during the passage. (Please remember that burning on the same yacht will be different depending on the season, weather and sailing conditions and even the direction of the route.)

Sometimes we have deliveries in the middle of winter on the Norwegian or Irish seas. In both cases, short weather windows had to be fully used between multi-day winter storms. In that case we go on the engine because it's safer for both vessel and crew, and because a day shorter in miles by 20(nm) can often mean the next stop will take even a few days longer. This is an extreme example, but it illustrates well how much mentioned factors affect fuel consumption.


Necessary repair expenses

We can make only small repairs during the passage. If engine, sails or any other part has to be repaired (according to safety reasons), the customer has to pay for it. Otherwise, we won't be able to perform delivery. All expenses have to be approved by the client. Refunds are possible only with invoices. Delay due to repairs costs 100 euro/day. In case if the repair cannot be done within three days, we have the right to terminate the contract.

Remember – most points of our contract can be negotiated, because every yacht delivery is different.



  Usually, we require payment as follows:

  • 10% twenty one (21) days before delivery - to reserve a time frame for our skippers and crew. Also, flight tickets cost less when we buy them earlier.
  • 50% in the day when delivery starts, the latest. Delivery cost and we need money to cover part of expenses
  • 40% in the day when a vessel reaches its destination.

We accept payments in: cash, checks, bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal.

Remember – most points of our contract can be negotiated before the service, because every yacht delivery is different.




We issue VAT invoices

Company name: Synergos Marek Belniak

Company address: Al. Krakowska 60, 05552 Mrokow, Poland

Account in EURO:

Account number: 41 1600 1286 1846 8955 2000 0003

IBAN:              PL41 1600 1286 1846 8955 2000 0003

Account in GBP:

Account number: 57 1600 1286 1846 8955 2000 0006

IBAN:              PL57 1600 1286 1846 8955 2000 0006

Account in PLN:

Account number: 95 1600 1286 1846 8955 2000 0001

IBAN:              PL95 1600 1286 1846 8955 2000 0001

BIC (same for all accounts):                    PPABPLPK

Bank Name (same for all accounts):    BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA


Boat delivery routes

Common Yacht Delivery Routes

  1. Transatlantic Routes: One of the most common yacht transport routes is the transatlantic crossing, often from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean or vice versa.
  2. Intra-Mediterranean: Within the Mediterranean Sea, there are frequent yacht deliveries between popular ports like Monaco, Barcelona, and various Greek islands.
  3. Pacific Crossings: Routes between the U.S. West Coast and destinations like Hawaii or even Australia are also common.
  4. Coastal Routes: In countries with extensive coastlines like the United States, coastal deliveries are frequent, such as from Florida to New England.

How much cost Yacht Delivery service?

The price of a yacht delivery skipper varies depending on a number of factors, including the size and type of yacht, the distance to be travelled, passage specification and the level of experience and qualifications of the captain. We will use different teams to deliver Bavaria 44 from Catania to Genoa and quite different to move a tall ship from Penzance to Malta. There are also limitations in Insurance Policies regarding crew number and experience.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $600 per day for a skipper  For longer deliveries, you may be able to negotiate a lower daily rate. If you prefer to pay per Nautical Mile prices start from $4.00 per 1 NM of the planned passage (not tacking).

Here are some of the factors that can affect the price of boat delivery by skipper:

  • Size and type of yacht: Larger and more complex yachts will typically cost more to deliver. We’ll also send there more sailors
  • Distance to be travelled: The longer the distance to be travelled, the more time it will need and the more the delivery will cost.
  • Level of experience and qualifications of the skipper: More experienced skippers with higher qualifications will typically charge more.
  • Time of year: Delivery rates are typically higher during peak season (summer months). That’s because most of our skippers are already on the water with our Customers. But winter delivery from Tromso to Gibraltar will also cost more than summer passage between Mallorca and Palermo
  • Emergency skipper (SOSSKIPPER): if you need skipper very fast, she/he can will be ready to go within 24h. Of course such offer cost more then standard one with few weeks preparation. 
Yacht delivery of Kajsamoor tall ship

In addition to these rates, you’ll also need to calculate the cost of travel, fuel and “bad weather stops”, if any.

Food is usually calculated in our rate but it will be changed in case of hiring our skipper and “slow delivery” with the customer. It’s a very popular case when Customers would like to learn sailing or improve their navigation skills. Our RYA Instructors can do that with pleasure.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on yacht delivery, you can consider hiring a freelancer. Our company is also a skipper agency and we can help you to find the right person. It’ll be cheaper but with no warranty, no insurance included. A perfect choice for cheap vessels.

Hiring a company for in-water boat transport is a great way to ensure that your yacht is delivered safely and efficiently. We are sailing 4 seasons and 7seas, not only during nice, warm summer days 🙂

Examples of Yacht Deliveries

We try to update all the current yacht deliveries on an ongoing basis. However, our office team is not very numerous, which is why we ask for your understanding in terms of the amount of information added here – we are not able to describe all yacht deliveries we performed. We add as many deliveries with descriptions as we can, to create a better understanding of our work.

Yacht Delivery Tunisia to Greece

Yacht Delivery Tunisia to Greece

Embarking on a Yacht Delivery Tunisia to Greece: A Sailor’s Tale Ahoy, Fellow Sailors! When it comes to a yacht delivery Tunisia to Greece, the journey is as significant as the destination. A few summers ago, our crew undertook a delivery of the Bali 42, a splendid 42...

Amazing Tall Ship Delivery UK

Amazing Tall Ship Delivery UK

Square Sails transport or Tall ship delivery UK, Ireland, Poland, Malta, France, Caribbean, Holland, Denmark, Norway.

Freelancer, scout, old bosun or PRO skipper?

Criteria Professional Company Freelancer/Scout
Expertise Advantage: Professional companies have experienced crew and equipment specialized for yacht transportation. Advantage: Some freelancers might have relevant experience and skills in yacht transport.
Liability Advantage: Professional companies often offer insurance coverage for potential damages during transportation. Advantage: Liability terms can be negotiated directly with the freelancer, potentially leading to more personalized agreements.
Resources Advantage: Established companies have access to a fleet of vessels and necessary equipment for safe transportation. Advantage: Freelancers might have lower overhead, leading to potentially lower costs.
Safety Advantage: Professional companies adhere to industry safety standards and protocols, minimizing risks during transportation. Advantage: A knowledgeable freelancer can prioritize safety and apply best practices as well.
Logistics Advantage: Companies have established logistics networks, which can ensure smooth coordination of the transportation process. Advantage: Some freelancers might have local knowledge that can aid in navigating the route efficiently.
Communication Advantage: Companies usually have dedicated customer support for clear communication and updates throughout the process. Advantage: Direct communication with a freelancer can lead to better understanding and immediate updates.
Flexibility Disadvantage: Companies might have fixed schedules and routes, limiting flexibility based on your specific needs. Advantage: Freelancers can offer more flexible scheduling and adapt to your preferences.
Cost Disadvantage: Professional services often come with higher costs due to overhead and established reputation. Advantage: Freelancers might offer more competitive pricing, potentially saving you money.
Reputation Advantage: Established companies have a track record that you can research to assess their reliability. Disadvantage: Freelancers might lack a well-documented history, making it harder to evaluate their credibility.
Personal Involvement Disadvantage: You might have less direct involvement in the transportation process with a professional company. Advantage: You can have more direct involvement and control when working with a freelancer.

Our References

Robert and Michael were fantastic and went above and beyond anything he could have hoped for. They were brilliant, masters of their art.

Natalie, Snowgoose 37

Highly professionel handling of shipment from the Company SSYD. Everything was kept on time and the crew was very professional and was cautious to the boat. Highly recommended!

Danny Svane

I needed to transport my Bavaria 50′ from Palma, Mallorca to Tenerife. I took cpt Marius and finaly I’ve got my yacht at destination on time. He’s a good captain and experienced sailor. Open and friendly.

Piotr Borkovsky

Reminiscences of the last cruise Bay of Biscay – Cherbourg – Ijmuiden near Amsterdam. Perfect cruise: calm and full professionalism with non-stop joy, humor and laughter, plus high culture and intellectual feast, cooperation and support- the ideal mix. (…)


I used these people to sail my boat from Cardiff to Mallorca, they are from Poland but their english was excellent. During the delivery I was contacted via email and also by satellite phone as they were in the bay of Biscay. The boat was sailed to Mallorca and there was no extra cost to me, also nothing was broken during the passage. I made contact to other companies to do the job but most never got back to me.

Andy Sandall

I bought a vintage pilot cutter built in 1924 in Gjöl, Denmark, last year in summer. See enclosure, the white hull is just before leaving DK, the black as she was some years back in time). Marek got the difficult challenging mission to sail her to Wemeldinge in the south of Holland. Needless to say that this was a true challenge. The journey went on see with just minor problems now and then until Kiel, Germany, where she was loaded on truck for the second half of the journey. We took the decision together, Marek and I, to finish by road for security reason since the hull was started to leak somewhat too much. Marek and his team did a perfect job, caring for the old lady with a perfect dedication. They sent me regularly textos all along the trip, fixed everything perfectly including in Kiel for the loading on truck, and we now happen to be friends after this. We are still friendly exchanging information on the progress of the full renovation that I have started after the journey. The funny thing is that I have never met Marek in person, but I am looking forward to meeting him and exchanging good Belgian beer against Slivovitch at the earliest possible occasion

Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt