Fix and Survey

Boat Inspection

New and newly bought boats must be checked in many ways. We carry out technical expertise for construction,  for electrical installation, control devices and radio, as well as performance tests in various tide and weather conditions.

Performance Testing

We often do performance tests for sail and motor boats – new ones, these after repairs, or those which stayed in marina for longer time. If you want a professional crew to check all the capabilities of the your vessel, let us know.

Tests and Surveys

We are also happy to help in organising all other tests and surveys for your sail or motor boats – whenever and wherever you need it. Remember that it’s a case of safety and comfort to have all the tests done at the appropriate time.

Fixes and Repairs

We offer our support in cases when your boat needs to be repaired or improved – we can organise all the fixes with a set budget. We don’t charge extra costs – we’ll do as much as you want – but we openly suggest additional repairs.