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Our Services

Safe and professional services for yacht owners and sailing enthusiasts.

Thousands of miles sailed around the world – on small vessels, touristic sailboats, sport-yachts, sea cruisers, and tall ships – have given us the experience and knowledge necessary to guarantee you a safe and professional services.

Yacht Deliveries

We transport yachts via water, carrier ships, or land safely, from and to any place in the world.

Skippers and Crew

Skipper and crew supply for private and commercial cruises. (our best people for you)


If you’re not sure if your plan is good and safe, we can help you in planning your cruise.

Fix and Survey

Professional advising, yacht checks before selling or buying, and maintenance service.

Sailing Instructors

We offer private sailing courses and exams for people, who want to learn or be better at sailing.

Mile Building

Gain some (n) miles with us! It’s a great opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills in sailing. 

Team Building

Is there any better way to create a great team than to sail and work together on a yacht?

Cruises and Events

Part of our team is dedicated just for organising touristic and corporate cruises and events.

Easy As 1…2…3…

You want to transport your yacht safely and calmly? Leave it to us. We’ll create a personalised deal for you, choose dates that suit your plans and deliver your vessel wherever you want – with GPS tracking and all other information you need during the transfer.

About the Company

As a company we offer our services to make sure your yachts are in good hands, delivered safely and on time. Read more about us here

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