Privacy Policy


We know and understand how important is privacy in yachting business.

We take the protection of our clients’ data seriously in terms of establishing cooperation, and the safety of guests of our site and all others.
In the document below, we try to show how we secure your data and all information about how we use it.

If you have questions or ambiguities, please contact us at [email protected]

Last update: 24.08.2023.


1. General Information

  1. This Privacy Policy of the Website is addressed to Website Users. It defines the type, scope, ways of using the data, rights and obligations of the User as well as personal data protection.
  2. The User’s failure to accept this Privacy Policy is tantamount to the inability to use the services of the Website.
  3. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Website Regulations. The definitions contained in the Regulations apply to this Privacy Policy unless specific expressions or phrases are defined directly in this Privacy Policy.
  4. The administrator of personal data processed in connection with the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations is the Seven Seas Yacht Delivery Company with the main office address: Al. Krakowska 60, 50-552 Mroków, Poland (Masovian Voivodeship).
  5. Personal data is processed for purposes within the scope and based on the principles set out in the privacy policy published on the Website.
  6. Providing personal information is voluntary.
  7. Any person whose personal data is processed by the Administrator has the right to inspect their content and update and amend it.


2. Collected Data

  1. The User may browse the Website without providing his personal data, subject to the provisions of point 2a below [Data collected automatically].
  2. Privacy in the yachting business is crucial in this business. Seven Seas fully understand it

2a. Data Collected Automatically

When the User uses the Website, the User’s data is automatically collected. These data include IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, interests, and age or gender of the User. These data can be collected by cookies (“cookies”), Google Analytics.
Cookies referred to in point 1 are files sent to the User’s computer or other devices while browsing the Website.

2.1. Cookies remember the User’s preferences. It enables, among others:
a) improving the quality of the Website.
b) improving search results and relevance of displayed content.
c) creating viewing statistics.
d) tracking User’s preferences.
e) maintaining the User’s logged-in session.
2.2. Cookies do not change the configuration of the device or software installed on the User’s device.
2.3. The User may not agree to the use of cookies (blocking cookies). As a result, this will prevent the storage of cookies on the User’s device.
2.4. A user who does not agree to the use of cookies (will block cookies) should choose the appropriate settings in the web browser he uses. The process of consenting to the use of cookies differs depending on the browser used by the User.
2.5. A user who wants to delete existing cookies should select the appropriate settings in their web browser or delete cookies manually. The process of removing cookies varies depending on the browser used by the User.
Google Analytics referred to in point 1, is a web analytics system giving insight into the movement of Online Store data and demographic data of Users. It is used to carry out marketing activities. 3.1. A user who does not agree to the operation of the Google Analytics system should use a cookie blocker.


3. Data Usage

  1. Data collected automatically can be used to analyse Users’ behaviour on the Website, collect demographic data about Users, personalise the content of the Website and for the purposes indicated in point 2a, above.
  2. Automatically collected data that applies to Users posting comments and ratings can be used to promote the Website.
  3. The Administrator reserves the right to collect IP addresses of Users visiting the Website, which may help diagnose technical problems with the server, creating statistical analyses (e.g. determining from which regions the Website records the most visits). Also, they can be useful when administering and improving the Website.


4. The Right to Access Personal Data

  1. The User has the right to access, supplement, update and rectify his data. It may also demand that the processing of personal data be abandoned or incomplete if it is incomplete, out of date, incorrect or has been collected in violation of the Personal Data Protection Act. It also has the right to request the deletion of data that is no longer needed to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.


5. Security of personal data

  1. The personal data administrator uses technical and organisational measures necessary to protect the data required by the Personal Data Protection Act. In particular, it protects Users’ data against disclosure to unauthorised persons, loss or damage.
  2. The User is obliged to secure the Password against disclosure to third parties on their own.
  3. The User bears sole responsibility and risk related to disclosing the Password to third parties (also as a result of inadequate password protection) and for enabling them to use his Account differently.
  4. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Seller about the use of his Account by unauthorised persons. It is also required to report about any other breach of security rules found by the User related to the use of the Website.


6. Disclaimer

  1. The Administrator is not responsible for actions or omissions of Users, as a result of which the Administrator processes personal data provided by them in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to amend, withdraw or modify the functions or properties of the Website at any time. It also reserves the right to cease operation of the Website, transfer rights to the Website and perform all legal actions allowed by applicable law.


7. Social Networks

  1. The Website has links (links) to external social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. (“Social Plugins”).
  2. The functions assigned to individual links, in particular, the transfer of information and personal data, are activated only after clicking on the link. Then the so-called social plugin for different social networks. Then the User’s browser will connect the User directly to this Website.
  3. If during a visit to the Website, the User clicks on the selected link, his data is transferred and processed by the given social network. If, while visiting the Website, the User clicks on the chosen link, while being logged in to the given portal, then through the User’s account information about visiting the Website may be transmitted and this fact may be saved on the User’s account in the given social network. To avoid this, you must log out of your account on the social network before clicking on the link.
  4. The information provided is usually the so-called public profile as defined by the social networking site, the plug of which the User clicks when visiting the Website. The comments published on the Website using the social plugin will be publicly available. For example, if the User publishes a comment using the Facebook comments plugin, this event will be public, and everyone will have access to it.
  5. The purpose and scope of the processing of personal data by social networks and the related rights and obligations of the administrator of such a portal Users will find in the tab regarding the protection of personal data of this portal. The social networking site is responsible for the processing of data that starts after clicking on a given link.


8. Specific software and services working on this website:

  1. WPML uses cookies to identify the visitor’s current language, the last visited language and the language of users who have logged in. While you use the plugin, WPML will share data regarding the site through Installer. No data from the user itself will be shared.
  2. WPML Media Translation will send the email address and name of each manager and assigned translator as well as the content itself to Advanced Translation Editor and to the translation services which are used.
  3. WPML Translation Management will send the email address and name of each manager and assigned translator as well as the content itself to Advanced Translation Editor and to the translation services which are used.
  4. WPML String Translation will send all strings to WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor and to the translation services which are used.
  5. Hummingbird uses the Stackpath Content Delivery Network (CDN). Stackpath may store web log information of site visitors, including IPs, UA, referrer, Location and ISP info of site visitors for 7 days. Files and images served by the CDN may be stored and served from countries other than your own. Stackpath’s privacy policy can be found here.

9. Contact and Other

  1. Please send any additional questions related to the Privacy Policy to [email protected].
  2. The rules set out in the Privacy Policy are subject to Polish law.
  3. The administrator is entitled to change the Privacy Policy unilaterally, in the event of:
    a) circumstances of Force Majeure.
    b) changes in applicable law applicable to the provision of electronic services or distance transactions.
    c) changing the Website offer.
  4. The reservation changes to the Privacy Policy are aimed at adapting the content of the Privacy Policy to the new offer and its terms.

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