When to hire a crew?

We will supply skippers and crew when you plan a  boat delivery or just a holiday cruise, and you’re not sure if you can manage it without professional assistance. When you want to check new or newly bought boat and safely measure its capabilities – call for crew syupply service. When there is a lack of crew on one of your cruises. When you want to gain some more experience in sailing or refresh your knowledge after break. When you plan a journey or passage in a new place or want to go for a holiday cruise and focus on your family and rest while letting someone run the yacht.

Private purposes

When you need help with your boat, when you’re not sure if you can manage a cruise without professional assistance, when you want to gain some more knowledge and sailing experience safely, when you go for a holiday cruise and want just to relax.

Commercial purposes

When you have insufficient crew for a cruise or delivery service, when your crew is unavailable because of sickness or other unexpected circumstances. When you need a professional crew to manage a commercial cruise or to test the boat before such cruise.

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Meet Our Crew

SSYD is created by a group of sailing enthusiasts who have traversed seas for many years. Thousands of sailed miles – on small yachts, sea cruisers, and tall ships – have given us the experience and knowledge necessary to guarantee professional services.