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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can check the most frequent questions people ask us about our yacht delivery service.
(If you have any other questions or doubts, please let us know.)

From where to where?

From and to where you need. We organise yacht deliveries via water, land or carrier ships from and to any place around the world – both long and short distances. Check our news section to see examples of yacht deliveries we managed.

How much it costs?

The price depends, among other things, on the form of yacht delivery ( by water, carrier ship or land), on type of unit, time and number of crew needed for safe passage.

Who creates a passage plan?

Passage plans for yacht deliveries and cruises are carefully calculated and prepared individually ( in cooperation with the client) by our best skippers.

How long it takes?

The time of a yacht delivery depends on many factors, such as: distance to be covered, technical capabilities of the yacht, weather conditions, season of the year. Check our news section to see (and compare) examples of yacht deliveries we managed – different routes, time, miles, types of vesses.

What about the contract?

We care about transparency of our contracts. All details and charges are described clearly, accepted and signed before the service takes place.

Can I go with you?

We often deliver sailboats in cooperation with their owners.  So yes, you can sail with us through the whole or just a part of planned passage – it depends of your plans and ambitions.