It was a quite long European yacht delivery. We’ve had to deliver a Hanse 575 yacht from Gdańsk (Poland) to Alghero (Sardines, Italy). The distance made reached 2 761.03 nautical miles. Our crew came to Gdansk on Thursday, on 20th June and have left the port the next day, on Friday. We’ve planned just a few stops on the route so the cruise lasted quite briefly. Hanse 575 has sailed to Bornholm, then to the next longer stop in Kilonia (Germany) and Dover (United Kingdom), through Gibraltar Strait and finally reached Alghero (Italy) on July 18th. Total time of the cruise = 27 days.

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Hanse 575 – Hanse Yachts

Designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co, the world‘s very successful yacht designer, the HANSE 575 is the perfect cruising yacht. The designers have helped Hanse Yachts maintain their record of offering the fastest cruising yacht in its class. Hanse 575 is a sailing yacht with a modern and timeless style that does not let you pass by it indifferently. It’s incredibly fast, a dozen knots will flow without any problems, leaving everyone far behind. The revolutionary solutions used in Hanse 575 will certainly satisfy the most demanding ones. Hanse 575 perfectly combines luxury, modernity and traditional solutions.

Read more about Hanse 575 model here (official Hanse Yachts website).

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