Embarking on a Yacht Delivery Tunisia to Greece: A Sailor’s Tale

Ahoy, Fellow Sailors!

When it comes to a yacht delivery Tunisia to Greece, the journey is as significant as the destination. A few summers ago, our crew undertook a delivery of the Bali 42, a splendid 42 ft sailing catamaran, navigating from the historic port of Tunis, Tunisia, to the idyllic shores of Corfu, Greece. A voyage that was not just a delivery but a tale of almost 600NM of open sea, adventure, and insights, meticulously planned from July 27th to August 3rd.

Navigating through the serene and sometimes challenging Mediterranean, here are some navigational buoys (tips) from our journey that might steer you smoothly through your next “yacht delivery Tunisia”:

Flight Path: Summer in Europe, especially the Mediterranean, can be a tricky time for flights. Our sails were set with connections via Paris, ensuring a more reliable, albeit bustling, air route.

Harbor on Land: Early hotel bookings are your best anchor ashore during the bustling summer. A local driver, especially one familiar with the Greek terrains, can be a beacon guiding you comfortably to your accommodation.

Yacht Readiness: Ensure your vessel is seaworthy and ready to sail upon your arrival. A meticulous check of all onboard systems and provisions can set a smooth course for your journey.

Port Formalities: Engage with the port authority to understand the departure protocols and ensure all your documents are shipshape before setting sail.

Teamwork: A close-knit collaboration with your factory or maintenance team ensures that your yacht is not just ready but in prime sailing condition.

Support at Sea: While we all desire swift support, our experience with the French support was leisurely, often only catching up with us upon return to port.

Sailing the Med: The sailing was a delightful blend of efficiency and tranquillity, with the yacht gracefully navigating through the azure Mediterranean.

Budget and Preparations: The yacht was well-prepared, but our customer chose to adjust the sails of the budget, installing certain equipment in Greece post-delivery.

Pause in Malta: A brief, unplanned sojourn in Malta saw our Hungarian customer joining us, adding a new chapter to our delivery tale.

On-Time Delivery: Despite the various elements, the catamaran was delivered promptly, ready to sail the Grecian waters under new command.

Every Tunisian yacht delivery is a unique voyage, a blend of meticulous planning, and adapting to the ever-changing sea and circumstances. May your sails always catch the wind and your compass point true, guiding you through your own tales of delivery across the vast, beautiful Mediterranean.

Till our sails cross again, fair winds, and smooth sailing, dear mariners!

sea passage of skipper delivery Tunisia - Greece

A Swift Sail Through Tunisian Waters Aboard BALI 4.2

Ahoy, Esteemed Crew!

Our recent yacht delivery voyage aboard the BALI 42 was nothing short of a nautical dream. Sailing through the mesmerizing Tunisian waters, we were graced with not only the beauty of the sea but also the distant, picturesque views of Sicily and Malta, which adorned our passage like distant jewels of the Mediterranean.

The journey, while brisk due to our tight schedule, was a seamless blend of speed and tranquility. With the sails of BALI 4.2 catching the gentle, low winds, we navigated smoothly, always prepared to face any weather the sea might cast our way. Our path was steadfast and direct, ensuring a timely delivery, yet the memories of the azure waters and distant lands linger warmly in our minds.

To our dedicated and experienced crew members, your expertise and camaraderie were the true winds behind our sails. Your readiness to embrace the journey, adapting to the swift and non-stop passage, ensured not only the success of our delivery but also enriched the voyage with shared tales and experiences.

Should you wish to share your experiences, memories, or simply reconnect, please feel free to reach out directly to Cpt. Python at [email protected].

May our paths cross again on future yacht delivery Tunisia projects. Until then, fair winds, and calm seas to you all!

SevenSeas yact delivery Bali 4.2

Exploring the Open Seas with the Exquisite Bali 4.2 Catamaran

Embark on a journey where the sea meets sophistication with the Bali 4.2 catamaran, a nautical masterpiece crafted by the renowned designer, Xavier Faÿ, under the prestigious BALI CATAMARANS brand. The Bali 4.2 is not merely a vessel; it’s a luxurious space where sailors can immerse themselves in an unparalleled boating experience.

Innovative Design and Spacious Living

The Bali 4.2 is meticulously designed with a primary focus on providing expansive and open living spaces, ensuring sailors can utilize their boat to its fullest potential. The innovative construction breaks away from conventional designs found in the market, offering a staggering deck area of 79.2 m² (852 sq ft). This is approximately 10% more than its competitors in the same category, ensuring that every journey is met with comfort and freedom to move around.

Brochures and Technical Specifications

For those who seek to delve deeper into the specifics of the Bali 4.2, the producer’s brochure is readily available for download, providing a comprehensive overview of what this magnificent catamaran has to offer.

Moreover, for technical enthusiasts who wish to explore the detailed technical specifications of the Bali 4.2, a dedicated document is available to provide insights into its construction, features, and capabilities.

The Bali 4.2 catamaran stands as a testament to the innovative nautical design, blending expansive living spaces with robust construction to offer sailors a unique and enriched sailing experience. Whether you’re navigating through tranquil seas or exploring rugged coastlines, the Bali 4.2 is your companion in every adventure, promising reliability, comfort, and a touch of luxury in every nautical mile.