Albin Vega. Yacht Transport Germany to Poland

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It was a quite short Baltic delivery. We’ve had to deliver an Albin Vega yacht from Flensburg (Germany) to Elblag (Poland). The distance was alike 400 nautical miles to sail. Our crew came to Flensburg on Friday, on August 26-th and have left the port the next day, on Saturday. We’ve planned just a few stops on the route so the cruise lasted briefly. Albin Vega has sailed to Bornholm, then to the next stop on Hel Penistula in Poland and passing Gdańsk finally reached Elblag on September 7th. Total time of the cruise was 10 days.

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The Vega is a modest displacement masthead sloop with a cutaway stern and inboard rudder. It’s a bit lacking in classic cruiser curves with an almost straight sheerline from bow to stern which gives her a slightly hunchbacked appearance from certain angles. Albin Vega is a 8.25-metre (27.1 ft) sailboat class designed by Per Brohäll and built in about 3,500 copies by Kristinehamn-based Albin Marin during 1966–80. The Vega is considered a solid sailboat and it has cruised around the world on many occasions, the more extreme being trips made by Jarle Andhøy and his crews to Antarctica and to the north of Spitsbergen in BerserkFind out more about Albin Vega here.

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